Connecticut Gators

Hey coach I started the season out on a good note yesterday. I went 3-4 with 2 doubles, a single, 2 RBI's, scored 3 times and made more plays at second than i can count. We were down 5-0 in going into the 4th inning and i started a rally with the first double. We won though 8-5. I'll keep you posted weekly coach. See you soon!

Thanks for everything you've done for my son this year. When you invited him on the Gators in April that made the difference in his life and completely changed his outlook on everything….Do you know that since last April his grades at school went thru the roof an may make 1st honors. This is from a kid that struggled all through elementary being a resource kid and still is but has a lowest grade of B-, and he's so upset with that….I owe ALOT of this improved performance to the hard work that the Gators instilled but absolutely the acceptance that the Gators team did for welcoming Justin on the team in April…..That forever change him this year to what he is now, a hopeful honor student.

I just committed to the admissions process at Haverford! I really can't say that there's been another coach or adult (short of my parents) that has helped me with the recruiting process as much as you have and sincerely appreciate all your support. Thank you too for all the years of instruction that have made me a better person and given me the opportunity to play college basebaIl. I think that as you said, Haverford is going to be a great fit for me.