developing bat speed ~ developing infield skills~ developing pitching mechanics ~ developing arm strength ~ catchers receiving/blocking drills ~ stealing bases

“I just wanted to let you know that my daughter excitedly told me how she learned so much in just 2 hours. She didn’t stop talking the whole ride home!!  I just want you and the other coaches to know that she had a great time last night, and she’s looking forward to the next session. You guys are awesome!”

Our Specialty 1-day Clinics are clinics that cover various phases of hitting, pitching, infield, catching, and baserunning.  each skill workshop lasts two hours and hosts 20 participants and is offered in both baseball and softball.  Youth league coaches are invited to attend as all workshops will include loads of drills and explanations/discussions at the conclusion. Each Specialty 1-day Clinic costs $30

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Catching Blocking/Receiving Drills

Catchers will be drilled extensively to improve the secondary stance, glove position, shoulder position, lateral movement, head position, and recovery

Stealing Bases

Basestealers will be taught how to become more efficient on the basepaths by improving primary leads, jumps, speed, explosiveness, and awareness

Developing Pitching Mechanics

Pitchers will be taught the most important parts of the pitching delivery to improve strike-throwing and velocity.  Varios drills will be incorporated to improve the leg lift, lead arm action, ball position, alignment, and energy to the target

Developing Bat Speed

The name of the game is bat speed!  In this workshop, players will learn how to improve  bat speed using medicine balls, weighted bats, and functional training movements to enhance and improve their ability to quickly deliver the bat through the hitting zone.

Developing Infield Skills

Young infielders will learn how to set up properly, improve glove position, transfers, feet, throwing arm, and lateral movement

Developing Arm Strength

Players will be taught to create momentum with their legs and hips, improve arm action, improve ball position & lead arm action, and improve head position.