Lessons Alums In College

We’re very proud of our Lesson Alums continuing to play baseball and softball at the collegiate level!
Jarred Kirk
Roger Williams University 2021 Graduate

Jack Warner
Endicott College 2021 Graduate Newtown HS

Zach Demanche
Nichols College  2021 Graduate Stratford HS

Mike Szwierczynski
Babson College   2020 Graduate Choate

Jake Dzickowski
Massachusetts Maritime Academy 2020 Graduate Notre Dame of West Haven

Tyler Griffin
Trinity College 2020 Graduate Foran HS

Sonny DeFilippo
McDaniel College 2020 Graduate  Shelton HS

Jack Bocchino
Nichols College 2020 Graduate Shelton HS

Jack Pletter
Colby College  2019 Graduate  Amity HS

Jordan Shand
Haverford 2019 Graduate  The Hopkins School

Rob Jacques
Tufts 2019 Graduate The Hopkins School

John Chacho
University of Bridgeport, 2019 Graduate Seymour HS

Sam Sinisgalli
Bryant College, 2019 Graduate Foran HS

Cullen Roper
Mount St Mary,  2019 Graduate Bunnell HS

John Lumpinski
Siena College, 2019 Graduate Amity HS

Christian DeJarnette
University of Bridgeport, 2018 Graduate Seymour HS

Matt Wirz
University of Bridgeport, 2018 Graduate Stamford HS

Tony Socci
UCONN Avery Point, 2017 Graduate Trumbull HS

Carl Maxwell
Hamilton College, 2018 Graduated Jonathan Law HS

AJ Guerrero
Ithaca College, 2018 Graduate St Josephs College

Quinn Burke
Colby College, 2018 Graduate Amity HS

Liam Geib
Ursinus College, 2018 Graduate ND West Haven HS

Dylan Albert
RPI, 2018 Graduate Xavier HS

Patrick Palmer
University of Bridgeport, 2017 Graduate Ansonia HS

Andy Hague
UCONN, 2017 Graduate Amity HS

Teddy Hague
Yale University, 2017 Graduate Amity HS

Matt Sabitsky
University of Bridgeport, 2017 Graduate Amity HS

Sam Czel
Keene State, 2016  Graduate Newtown HS

Zach Piroh
Western Connecticut State University, 2016 Graduate  Bunnell HS

Chris Dunn
Dickenson College, 2015 Graduate Fairfield Prep

Matt Mckernon
Endicott College, 2016 Graduate St Josephs HS

Kyle Horton
Quinnipiac College, 2015 Graduate Masuk HS

Tyler Weiss
WPI, 2015 Graduate Masuk HS

TJ Stuart
Manhatten College, 2015 Graduate Foran HS

Justin Lebek
Davidson College, 2015 Graduate Westport HS

Anthony Herman
Framingham State, 2016 Graduate Bunnell HS

Jon Brooks
University of Bridgeport, 2016 Graduate Stratford HS

Mike Najmowicz
Case Western University, 2016 Graduate Amity HS

Evan Lumpinski
Endicott College, 2014 Graduate Notre Dame of West Haven

Lou DeGennaro
Endicott College, 2014 Graduate Notre Dame of West haven

Alex Bunnell
Bard College, 2015 Graduate Career HS

Matt Lasky
Bard College 2015 Graduate Notre Dame of Fairfield HS

Bryan Rossetti
Post University, 2015 Graduate Seymour HS

Asher Tyson
Princeton University, 2015 Graduate Weston HS

Ethan Tyson
Haverford College, 2015 Graduate Weston HS

Anthony Capozziello
sacred Heart University, 2015 Graduate Amity HS

Josh Sabitsky
Springfield College, 2015 Graduate Amity HS

Kevin Johnson
University of Bridgeport, 2015 Graduate Jonathan Law HS

Mark Hirschbeck
Central Connecticut State University, 2015 Graduate St Josephs HS

Adam Thayer
University of Bridgeport, 2014 Graduate Ansonia HS

Bryan Kucharski
Wentworth College, 2015 Graduate East Haven HS

Jake Walkinshaw
Southern New Hampshire College, 2014 Graduate Seymour HS

Matt Ronai
Merrimack College, 2015 Graduate Amity HS

Brian Ronai
Yale University, 2016 Graduate Amity HS

Paul Tupper
Princeton University, 2014 Graduate The Hopkins School

Simon Mathews
Temple University, 2014 Graduate The Hopkins School

Doug Schaffer
Williams College, 2014 Graduate The Hopkins School

Cam Stone
Stoneybrook College, 2013 Graduate West Haven HS

Ryan Bailey
Monmouth College, 2013 Graduate Mount Kisko HS

Ryan Testani
Seton Hall University, 2013 Graduate Shelton HS

Vin Guglietti
Quinnipiac College, 2012 Graduate East Haven HS

Matt Luciani
Tufts University, 2012 Graduate The Hopkins School

Brendan Nugent
Western Connecticut State University, 2012 Graduate St Josephs College

Shaun Coughlin
University of Maine, 2012 Graduate Xavier HS