Bill Asermely at billasermely@coretrainingacademy.org

Our CORE Training Academy Leadership Program seeks to help our student-athletes develop, improve, and practice three distinct leadership characteristics.  The focuses in this program are rooted in three critical aspects of good leadership; good decision making, good communication skills, and practice and appreciation for service in the community.


1) Annual community service project

2) Annual CORE Training Facility project

3) Expression of gratitude toward a role model/mentor

4) 6 bi-monthly seminars focused on improving communication skills & decision-making processes

5) Volunteer Hours: requirement of 25 annual volunteer hours at the CORE

6) Presentation of a $1000 scholarship to a senior leader who best demonstrates leadership in his/her community

Since 2014, the CORE Leaders have engaged in some AMAZING projects.  They have led seven annual used book drives and collected more than 25,000 used books for at-risk kids in our communities.  Our leaders have also led six annual holiday toy drives since 2015 which have seen the CORE Leaders collect more than 2,000 brand new toys for underprivileged kids during the holidays.  In 2018 our leaders led a two-month fundraiser to help one of our member families whose youngest child, their 13-year-old son was diagnosed with osteosarcoma.  Our Leadership members helped organize our staff and membership in two COLESTRONG events and collected more than $10,000 in donations for this family.   And most recently our CORE Leaders led an effort in 2020, whereby our members raised more than $1200 and baked more than 1,000 goods to help feed dozens of health care heroes in an entire department at Bridgeport Hospital during the COVID crisis.

The CORE Leadership program is run in conjunction with our Connecticut Gators Baseball Program, specifically our middle school and high school Gator players.