Bat Speed SB

SOFTBALL WORKSHOP  – Developing Bat Speed

Saturday, TBD

Ages 9-12
CORE Training Facility
575 Boston Post Rd Orange  Warehouse in the rear
Capped at 20 players
Cost $25

The mark of every great hitter is BAT SPEED.  Players can train 15 minutes throughout the winter to drastically improve their bat speed for the upcoming spring season.  We’ll be showing players, families, and coaches how to use, weight bats, PVC Pipes, hammers, simple hitting drills, and functional training devices that will make the process of developing an explosive swing fun.  There will be a question and answer portion to the program for parents and coaches at the conclusion of the program, so come down and check out the faster way to improve as a hitter this winter.  We’ll help you make it both challenging and fun!

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