Team Training

Dave Tortora at
(203) 996 1218

The PowerCORE – High Intensity Training program is led by (HIT) Director, Dave Tortora and is designed to quickly accelerate the athletic performance of all athletes in the program. The services below are offered in a monthly membership throughout the year and are open to athletes in ANY sport.

Team Training Monthly Membership

1x/week  $75
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2x/week $125
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This training option is a great way for any team to promote team bonding. Through this option, teams will come to value the concept of UNITY and develop strong TEAM FIRST mentalities. Athletes will be instructed on proper warm-up and running techniques, as well as strength and power exercises. Through our team training option, teams will become stronger, faster, and more athletic. Teams will perform varied drill sequences that will quicken their transformation into better conditioned, well-disciplined units. Testing will be performed periodically in the following drills: 10 and 20-yard dashes, 5-10-5 shuttle run, 3 cone sequences, broad jump, and T-drills. This option provides team building at it’s the highest level