Individual Training

Dave Tortora at
(203) 996 1218

The PowerCORE – High Intensity Training program is led by (HIT) Director, Dave Tortora and is designed to quickly accelerate the athletic performance of all athletes in the program. The service below is offered in a monthly membership throughout the year and is open to athletes in ANY sport.

Individual Training Monthly Membership

1x/week $350
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2x/week $475
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The initial step in individual training is a consultation followed by an evaluation, ultimately resulting in a baseline point of attack. Next, through a combination of training, video analysis, and specialized screenings, a sports performance prescription specifically designed for the athlete will be prescribed. In this training option performance, coaches will focus on form and technique for every step and rep of prescribed workouts. Periodic testing will then be done to chart athletic progress. The advantages of this service include the individualization of the training as well as the core components of high intensity training which include strong focuses on strength, power, explosiveness, flexibility, speed, and agility.