High Intensity (HIT)

Dave Tortora at davetortora@coretrainingacademy.org
(203) 996 1218

The PowerCORE – High Intensity Training program is led by (HIT) Director, Dave Tortora and is designed to quickly accelerate the athletic performance of all athletes in the program. The services below are offered throughout the year and are open to athletes in ANY sport.

All PowerCORE HIT services are offered in monthly membership (except the weekly warrior) and are purchased online.  All services provide first-time PowerCORE members with 1 free training session/evaluation.  Monthly memberships will not be prorated.

Individual Training

The initial step in individual training is a consultation followed by an evaluation, ultimately resulting in a baseline point of attack. Next, through a combination of training, video analysis, and specialized screenings, a sports performance prescription specifically designed for the athlete will be prescribed. In this training option performance, coaches will focus on form and technique for every step and rep of prescribed workouts. Periodic testing will then be done to chart athletic progress. The advantages of this service include the individualization of the training as well as the core components of high intensity training which include strong focuses on strength, power, explosiveness, flexibility, speed, and agility.

Semi Private Training – Beginner Option

This option is a great option for younger athletes ages 10-14, and the most cost effective way to begin training with the HIT Program. In this training, athletes will use specialized drills both reactive and regular agility to improve the athlete’s movement patterns, while focusing initially on form and technique as each athlete will experience the state of the art training equipment at the CORE.

Semi Private Training- Advanced Option

Athletes choosing this option will receive a customized workout specifically designed to help the athlete reach his/her performance goals. Advanced workouts will be delivered by Smartphone or IPAD allowing athletes to access their training plan any time of day. All instruction takes place under the supervision of our performance coaches with periodic testing to chart, track, and monitor progress. Athletes must book sessions at least 8 hours in advance to allow our PowerCORE – High Intensity team time to design each workout. New athletes MUST complete 5 Individual Training Sessions prior to registering for this service.

Small Group Training

This option is for 2-5 athletes of similar athletic ability. It’s an excellent way to improve skills, compete against friends and peers, and have fun! The competition allows athletes to improve coordination, speed, and agility by adding consistent challenges

Team Training Option

This training option is a great way for any team to promote team bonding. Through this option, teams will come to value the concept of UNITY and develop strong TEAM FIRST mentalities. Athletes will be instructed on proper warm-up and running techniques, as well as strength and power exercises. Through our team training option, teams will become stronger, faster, and more athletic. Teams will perform varied drill sequences that will quicken their transformation into better conditioned, well-disciplined units. Testing will be performed periodically in the following drills: 10 and 20-yard dashes, 5-10-5 shuttle run, 3 cone sequences, broad jump, and T-drills. This option provides team building at it’s the highest level

Family Membership

The Family Membership is a group training membership where up to four family members can train as many three times/week in a given month at a low monthly rate of $175

Extended Memberships

3 Month Members #375
6 Month Members $675
12 Month Members $1175

Our extended members can purchase 6 month or 12 month Gator Training Memberships. This affords players the opportunity to train 3x/week for either 6 months or 12 months in semi private, small group, and team training PowerCORE HIT services. Different services can be applied on a weekly basis.