About the program

The PowerCORE Program is the performance training program at the CORE designed to quickly improve athleticism, speed, strength, and range of motion in athletes ages 7-21.  Our coaching staff is THE BEST at what they do led by Anthony “Merv” Faggiana.  There are 6 specific options to the PowerCORE training regimen, and each is guaranteed to quickly improve each athlete’s athletic performance in his/her sport.

Type Frequency Cost Ages
BLUE 2 days / week $100 10-21
ORANGE 3+ days / week $125 10-21
SEMI PRIVATE - FAMILY 3 days / week $175 10-21
TEAM TRAINING 1 day / week $50 per player
TEAM TRAINING 2 days / week $75 per player

Our coaching staff has developed and trained hundreds of DI II and II college athletes in every sport, as our athletes at every level all eventually learn to LOVE the training.  Ultimately, the PowerCORE training program changes athletes' games, but more importantly, it changes their lives.
Reaction-based and explosive training are the keys to our training as the program is designed to improve linear speed, lateral bursts, and first-step quickness which are critical in EVERY sport.  In each PowerCORE session, athletes compete against other athletes and more importantly against themselves as consistent measurement, a progressive program, and a quality workspace are the keys to improvement.