March Combine

Bill Asermely at


~ 30 minutes  Strength/Speed Eval & Video
~ 30 minutes  Hitting Eval & Video  Exit Velo & BP

~ 60 minutes  Pitching Eval & Video (open side & behind the mound
~ 15 minutes  Catching Video (Throwing, Blocking, Receiving)
~ 15 Recruiting:  Your optimum level of school to pursue  

During the course of the year, the CORE Training Academy will run four combines, each capped at 30 student-athletes. Each combine will offer three main components; measures in strength/speed, skill evaluation, and education, and videotaping for each student-athlete to use in the recruiting process. The four combines will include measurements and videotaping the areas outlined below.

Skill Evaluation
pitching mechanics, pitching velocity, hitting mechanics, infield and outfield mechanics. catching mechanics, throwing mechanics

Strength/Speed Evaluation
10,20,30,60 yard dash, 5-10-5 shuttle, 3 cone drill, T-Drill, vertical Jump, broad jump, grip strength

Skill Education
Throwing/Arm Strength, Hitting/Hitting for Power, Pitching, Speed Development