Free Lessons

Saturdays, November 7th & 14th
CORE Training Facility
Bill Asermely, Vin Guglietti, Bob Studley, Rick Lasky, Anthony Faggiana Sen Evaristo, Miles Sheehan

Our Free 1-1 Lessons Program is designed for players in local communities surrounding the CORE Training Academy.  Your young aspiring baseball or softball players can participate in this program and attend two 30 minute lessons (one lesson on November 7th and the second lesson will follow the same time on November 14th) in the areas of baseball hitting, baseball pitching, softball hitting, and softball pitching.  In addition, our PowerCORE leader, Anthony Faggiana will be taking 3 players/hour to run through our PowerCORE HIT training program designed to enhance player strength and speed…It’s awesome!  Our coaches are outstanding clinicians that will help your young athlete improve his/her game immediately.

Please register for ONE FREE LESSON ONLY that will take place on November 7th, the second free lesson will default to the same time on November 14th (no registration needed for the second Lesson).

Register today as the timeslots fill up fast!