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Team management
Tuesday, March 10th

Coaching Pitchers
Thursday. March 12th

Both 6:30pm-8:30pm

CORE Training Facility

On Tuesday March 10th and Thursday, March 12, the CORE invites any youth baseball and softball coaches to the CORE Training Facility  for two two- hour coaching seminars.  Both programs will help coaches create a positive team culture promoting learning and skill development as we help develop the next generation of baseball and softball players.  Coaches from all leagues are welcome!

“At the CORE we have a unique method of working with younger baseball and softball players. We use motion, discipline, and positive reinforcement in every program…and it works!”  Once you set the tone you can teach kids anything.

Team Management Topics 

~ The 5 most important things to Teach Hitters
~ The 5 most important things to Teach Pitchers
~ Designing an Effective Practice
~ The Secret Behind All Star Baseball Players
~ Drills, Drills and More Drills!

Pitching Topics

~ Do’s and Don’ts in Coaching Young Pitchers
~ Throwing More Strikes
~ The importance of momentum and direction
~ Developing Arm Strength
~ Drills