Clothing Drive Fundraiser

Jeannie Fahan at


Expression Center Clothing and Goods Drive

Event Dates
February 25 – July 8th, 2020
Collection location during drive
Core2 located at 575 Boston Post Rd, Orange CT 06477
Details about your fundraiser
Spring Cleaning??? Please drop off any unwanted clothing and/or other soft goods that you no longer need. Sporting equipment (clothes and equipment) is accepted too! The proceeds from this drive will be used for the Expression Center. Clothing/cloth should be placed in plastic bags while other items can be boxed. All items can be placed outside Core2 on the loading dock. If each family can bring in at least one bag (more is even better!) and ask friends and family for additional bags of donated items, this could be an easy way for us to continue towards our fundraising goal and do a little decluttering! A win-win for all!!