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CORE Advisory & Sports Recruits
Cost: $500

Since 2014 the CORE has helped more than 60 student-athletes successfully manage the college recruiting process securing athletic roster spots at colleges and universities including Yale University, UCONN, Princeton University, Davidson College, Haverford College, University of Bridgeport, Williams College, Hamilton College, Catholic University, Bard College, Trinity College, Post University, Colby College, WPI, RPI, Western Connecticut State University, Framingham State University, Mount St. Mary, SCSU, Nicholls College, Babson College, Massachusetts Maritime Academy, and more. Through services in both the CCRS and CORE Training Academy, the BEST way to develop into a collegiate student-athlete is right here!

The CCRS is an efficient, cost-effective collegiate recruiting service that yields real results each year. This service is the perfect complement to the CORE Training Academy and its Connecticut Gator Baseball Club. Student-athletes in the CCRS have an elite, on-site training academy where they can improve all measurable athletic attributes that college coaches evaluate including running speed, explosive movement, hitting ability, pitching ability, arm strength, leadership ability, and standardized test scores. The best part -ALL services now take place within the walls of the CORE Training Facility!

The CCRS is a fraction of the cost other services of it’s kind, but far more effective in its implementation. It’s an annual service with its four main components outlined below. Purchased individually through other vendors these services would cost in excess of $2,000. At the CORE we’ve packaged the entire service for only $500.


All CCRS members will receive an annual subscription to the recruiting platform called Sports Recruits. On this “Facebook meets college recruiting” service student-athletes will have access to the following:

~ Complete college athletic URL and contact list of every college coach in the nation (all sports)
~ Ability to easily communicate with a summer program advisor on contact emails to college coaches
~ Online platform to store and upload skill videos with the ability to instantaneously send directly to college coaches
~ Platform to store critical documents including academic transcripts, standardized test score verification, and recommendations

The CCRS Advisory will meet once/month to review and advise student-athletes and families to discuss and advise on the topics listed below.
contacting college coaches, recruiting budgets, showcases, institutional camps, recruiting timelines, academic guidelines, scholarships, high school coaches, important measurable statistics, admissions processes, player evaluations, recruiting regulations, official visits, references