1-1 Lessons

Work with one of our instructors individually in the areas of hitting, pitching, or defense. Check our list of coaches to choose an instructor. Prices for this membership are $60/hour and $40/half hour.

Work with one of our instructors in a group of 2 or 3 in areas of hitting, pitching, or defense. Players working in this membership must be the same age. The price for this membership is $80/hour

Meet the coaches available for individual instruction: Bill Asermely, Rick Lasky, Vin Guglietti,, Mike Delellis, Brian Stone, Greg Nappo, Mike Pascarella, Tom LaDore, and Bob Studley

We take great pride in helping players develop both academically and athletically.  Below are some of our individual instruction alums who've committed to play or currently play baseball collegiately.


Please read the three most important questions and answers as you decide whether or not to register your young baseball or softball player for individual instruction

Bill Asermely & Jaymie Sommers will speak for 45 minutes on the most popular of our program services. Come and find out if individual instruction is right for your son or daughter. An open discussion will take pace for the final 15 minutes. The 2016 Open House date is yet to be determined.