Special Events



Bats For Books

On August   27th  the CORE Training Academy will be conducting its Bats For Books Fundraiser.  For $50 hitters can come in to work with our coaches for 60 minutes ( no more than 2 players per hour)  and leave with up to 10 childrens books and a $25 gift certificate to any CORE Training Academy winter programs (excluding 1-1 Lessons).  This program serves as the summer CORE fundraiser with a target goal of raising $2000.

The 60 minute lesson requires a $50 donation. 

Families choosing to make an online donation in lieu of participating in the program can do so by registering at the link above.  Donations can be made online or by check in the following increments.

$25, $50, $75, $100



On Friday September 8th The CORE Training Academy will be providing offering tickets to the Mets vs Reds game.  Proceeds from all ticket sale go directly to the CORE Training Academy operating budget.  This is a great opportunity to support the CORE while watching great a great MLB game at CITI Field.  All CORE Training Academy members are welcome to participate including those from our Leadership Program, Gator Programs, Summer Camps, Winter Clinics, PowerCORE, and Lessons.