CORE Tutoring Program


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Our mission at Think Differently is to help every student become stronger not just in their academics, but in their sense of self.  We teach students self awareness of strengths and weaknesses and how to make each situation the most successful.  Think Differently's dedicated staff will help each student successfully navigate their educational journey.

Offered is a reading comprehension and math facts program to teach and reinforce basic reading skills and math facts and make reading more interactive and fun.  We will use their interests and strengths to make them better overall readers and students. Math work will be reinforced by real life math problems.  Utilizing a series of strategies and lessons, students will learn to apply these skills to all schoolwork.  Each student will be assessed through an interview screening and some worksheet exercises.  We will provide a list of resources and strategies for families to use together for reinforcement.  Group Tutoring is also available and will not exceed 5 students.


One to One $40/Half Hour
1 Session $40
5 Sessions $200
10 Sessions $400
One to One $60/Hour
1 Session $60
5 Sessions $300
10 Sessions $600
Group $90/Hour
1 Session $90
5 Sessions $450
10 Sessions $900