Kids First Initiative


Teach em to love it!

In programming for baseball and softball players ages 5-11, we’ve created services designed to teach both players and coaches how to fall in love with the game. Volunteer coaches and youth league players who enjoy talking about it, studying it, and practicing it, in addition to playing the games are those who ultimately stay in the game longer. Our Kids First Initiative focuses on helping our members master both the teaching and learning processes of the game to achieve a healthier and more enjoyable amateur athletic experience. Throughout this experience the adult emphasis is always on our “Kids First” and everything else second.

For coaches, we offer a series of free training programs, which include indoor seminars, outdoor training programs, indoor team training opportunities, and skill training sessions. For players, our programming consists of both outdoor and indoor training opportunities including summer camps, skill development clinics, individual instruction, and team training.

5 Key Factors to success

Respect teammates, opponents, coaches, and yourself every day

Develop confidence with every aspect of the game

Develop a healthy passion for the game

Develop an individual style suited to your personality

Develop consistent and effective training habits