Community Project

We have created an exciting new way to deliver training services to players and coaches participating in amateur baseball & softball.  By organizing small, regional communities comprised of one city/town, an indoor facility, five community partners, 100 volunteer coaches, 250 amateur athletic families, 15 corporate partners, and a CORE leaders program, we're delivering high quality instructional baseball & softball programs costing 25%- 40% less than those of the top AAU programs in the state of Connecticut.

Furthermore, through our FREE CORE Programs, we provide more than 2500 free program hours to both volunteer coaches and youth baseball players in each community. Included in these initiatives are coaching seminars, indoor coach training programs, outdoor coach training programs, team training, individual instruction for players, group instruction for players, and summer camp memberships

Our goal is create countless communities throughout the northeast where athletes can work hard at their respective sports, while consistently applying the practices of volunteerism, teamwork, goal setting, sportsmanship, respect and skill development.  All at a lower cost.

Our first “community” is the Amity Community.  Over the next seven years we aim to create at least seven additional communities in New Haven, Bridgeport, Milford, Guilford, Fairfield, and Stratford.

If you are interested in helping us start a community in your region, please contact Executive Director, Bill Asermely.