Since 2003

Winter of 2003

In February of 2003, while working as the Assistant Baseball Coach at Yale University, Bill Asermely incorporated a new entity called the Northeast Baseball School devoted to baseball skill training for amateur baseball players.

Bill was a former captain and all league player at Yale from 1989-1993, eventually playing professionally in the Baltimore Oriole Organization and later in Sweden in the Swedish Baseball Federation. He went on to serve as the Program Director at the Boys and Girls Club of Pawtucket and an Assistant Baseball Coach at NY Institute of Technology before coming back to Yale as a coach in 2001.


Employed with Coach Asermely at NBS from 2003 through 2008 were a number of college and high school coaches with exceptional baseball knowledge. However, the critical skills they all possessed were their behavior management skills. Almost the entire staff was comprised of coaches who were employed primarily as educators working in either middle schools or high schools in Connecticut.

By 2007 the number of families participating in both the free and paid programming offered by NBS had reached more than 1500. Summer Camps were hosting more than 175 players ages 6-12 each week, while the winter pitching programs consistently boasted more than 100 pitchers each January and February. In addition, Coach Asermely had worked with more than 1000 youth baseball coaches from 15 youth leagues providing coaching seminars on implementing effective practice plans, commitment to skill development, and systematic game management.

Coach Asermely returned to Connecticut after a 2005 summer recruiting trip to the twenty acre East Cobb Baseball Complex in East Cobb, Georgia where he witnessed one of the best developmental baseball facilities and programs in the country and his vision for the Northeast Baseball School immediately changed.

Summer 2006

With more than 30,000 baseball players ages 6 through 17 in the Greater New Haven and Fairfield Counties of Connecticut, accelerating costs for training services, fractured programming throughout the region, and a growing need for a comprehensive baseball program for players of all ages focused on more than skill training and game play, the Northeast Baseball School began charting a new course.


Preparation for The Community Baseball Project had begun. Bill Asermely and Pat Vigilio – a Norwalk middle school educator and Associate Scout with the SF Giants began leading a team of 6 coordinators which included Newtown Head Baseball Coach-Matt Memoli, Greens Farms Academy Head Baseball Coach – Todd Mathewson, Founder of The Competitive Edge – Jim Ronai, NBS clinician – Rick Lasky, and Membership Director – Jacki Hutchison in a new direction with a revamped mission. The first steps to create a not for Profit organization called Northeast Baseball School Community Inc. were taking place.


Coach Asermely began establishing the first community model in the Amity region of CT, which included a 5700 square foot indoor training facility, a series of free training programs, and the creation of a program line focused heavily on both skill building and movement training.


Northeast Baseball School Community inc has spent the past three years scaling it's program line to reflect it's mission.  To date it boasts a program line consisting of individual instruction, skill clinics, summer camps, a middle school program, a high school program, team programming in the Connecticut Gators, team facility rentals, a leadership training program, an academic support program, and a strength and conditioning program.  More importantly, however, a phenomenal staff comprised of some of the best community leaders in the state are heading these programs.  The first steps to create the second community are currently under way....