About CORE

The CORE Training Academy exists to provide quality athletic, academic, and leadership services to amateur athletes and volunteer coaches in a community based model.

We've created an exciting new way to deliver training services to players and coaches participating in amateur baseball & softball. By organizing small, regional communities comprised of one city/town, an indoor facility, five community partners, 100 volunteer coaches, 250 amateur athletic families, 15 corporate partners, and a CORE leaders program, we're delivering high quality instructional baseball & softball programs costing 25%- 40% less than those of the top AAU programs in the state of Connecticut.

The Core Training Academy is a 501(c)3 Not for Profit Organization committed to the overall development of amateur baseball players, amateur softball players, and volunteer coaches.

Check and see how the organization has evolved since the establishment of the Northeast Baseball School in 2003

In programming for baseball players ages 5-11, we’ve created services designed to teach both players and coaches how to fall in love with the game. Volunteer coaches and youth league players who enjoy talking about it, studying it, and practicing it, in addition to playing the games are those who ultimately stay in the game longer.


Developing Future Leaders

Our student athlete development model for amateur athletes ages 12-18 includes the following four components:


Bill Asermely at billasermely@coretrainingacademy.org